Dublin University Law Journal (DULJ)

Volume 43, Issue 1, 2021/22

Editor: Liz Heffernan (Guest Editor)  |  ISSN: 0332-3250 | ISBN: 978-911611-74-5 |Currency: Two Issues Per Year  | Publishing Spring 2022 | Price Per Issue: €129 + VAT




The Dublin University Law Journal is published by Clarus Press on behalf of the School of Law, Trinity College, Dublin. It is a leading peer-reviewed legal journal, publishing authoritative, critical and scholarly analysis on a broad range of legal issues. It provides a forum for important legal academic debate on contemporary Irish law as well as developments from further afield in the common law world, in European and international law, and in legal theory. The journal publishes longer articles providing in-depth analysis of a wide range of legal issues, as well as shorter articles, comments and case-notes providing up-to-date analysis of recent developments and book reviews providing critical assessment of important legal publications. The Dublin University Law Journal thus provides accessible and balanced coverage of a wide spectrum of current and enduring issues in law and legal scholarship. 

The Dublin University Law Journal will now publish twice annually.

Volume 43, issue 1, 2021/22 contains the following:


  • State-Accused Relations and the Criminal Evidence Act 1992: The Beginnings of a New Orthodoxy | Shane Kilcommins
  • Safeguards for Vulnerable Complainants in Sex Offence Trials | Ivana Bacik
  • Eyeballing Rights: Special Measures and the ‘Interests of Justice’ under the Criminal Evidence Act 1992 | Yvonne Daly
  • From Special Measures to Legal Representation: Charting Shifts in the Treatment of Victims of Crime with Intellectual Disabilities in Ireland | Alan Cusack
  • ‘Radical Reforming Legislation’ or ‘the Politics of Illusion? Enacting the Criminal Evidence Act 1992’ | Mark Coen
  • Legislating for Vulnerable Witnesses: Unpacking Part III of the Criminal Evidence Act 1992 | Liz Heffernan

This issue also includes Short Articles and Book Reviews including:

  • The Spouse as a Prosecution Witness under Part IV Criminal Evidence Act 1992: The Need for Reform | Claire Jackson
  • A Selected Qualitative Analysis of the Criminal Procedure Act 2021 and Proposed/Enacted Departures from Existing Arrangements – A Practitioner’s Perspective |  Gareth Henry
  • Section 16(1)(b) of the Criminal Evidence Act 1992: Strengths, Weaknesses and What Lies Ahead | Miriam Delahunt

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