Dublin University Law Journal (DULJ)

Volume 38 Issue 2, 2015

Editors: Dr David Prendergast, Dr Daithi Mac Sithigh | Currency: Bi-Annual | Volumne 38(22) Issue Two Publishes December 2015 | Price Per Issue: €129 | ISBN: 978-1-905536-83-2 | ISSN: 0332-3250


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The Dublin University Law Journal Volume 38(2), 2015 contains the following (abstracts of each feature article is listed below):

Feature Articles

  • Constitutionalism: Negative and Positive | NW Barber
  • Constitutional Conventions and the Economic Crisis: The Italian Paradigm | Lorenzo Cuocolo
  • Conventions in Court | Adrian Vermeule
  • Conventional Constitutional Law  | Oran Doyle
  • Constitutional Conventions and Written Constitutions: The Rule of Law Implications in Canada | Andrew Heard
  • The Proper Roles for Constitutional Conventions | Joseph Jaconelli
  • How Unwritten Constitutional Norms Change Written Constitutions | Richard Albert


  • Law and Constitutional Conventions | Garrett Barden
  • Conventions as Claims? | Eoin Carolan
  • Conventions in Judicial Decision-Making: Epistemology and the Limits of Critical Self-Consciousness | David Kenny
  • The Conventionality of Constitutional Law | David Prendergast
  • When Constitutional Conventions Fail | Scott Stephenson
  • Conventional Constraints | Julien Sterck
  • Judicial Conventions: An Examination of the US Supreme Court’s Rule of Four | M Patrick Yingling


Abstracts from Feature Articles

Constitutionalism: Negative and Positive | NW Barber

Constitutionalism is a term that is often found in the title of books and articles, but is rarely considered in their texts. By and large, it is assumed that we know what constitutionalism entails, and that there is no need to examine it further. Constitutionalism is treated as a synonym for the legal enforcement of constitutional rules, or – perhaps – a subset of those rules; it is regarded as a desirable, maybe even a necessary, feature of a constitutional order. Attention swiftly turns to the practical difficulties involved in ensuring the effectiveness of these legal constraints. This paper challenges this simple understanding of constitutionalism, arguing those who see cons